We are thrilled to host this Virtual Tour of the incredible Beyond the Diagnosis Art Exhibit in honor of Rare Disease Day.

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In the Fall of 2019, the Beyond the Diagnosis Art Exhibit was hosted at Texas State University.


These are photos from the exhibit’s time here at Texas State.

In collaboration with Texas State University’s Department of Physical Therapy, we were honored to host the Beyond the Diagnosis Art Exhibit at Texas State’s Round Rock Campus. This incredible exhibit has traveled around the world to prestigious universities and research facilities, such as, MIT, Harvard, Broad Institute, the FDA, NIH, Mayo Clinic, and more. Beyond the Diagnosis aims to put a face to the name of the 7,000 known rare diseases and encourages the community to see beyond the diagnosis to the patient.

The exhibit brought visitors from far and wide and even families featured in the exhibit traveled to see their portrait for the first time. Thank you to all of our supporters who visited the exhibit and everyone who made this possible. Special thank you to Dr. Barbara Sanders for her support in bringing the exhibit to Texas State. We also thank Outcomes Physical Therapy and Tilson Homes for sponsoring our opening night event.

More about Beyond the Diagnosis

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Beyond the Diagnosis unites art and science to inspire research and innovation of treatments for people living with orphan and neglected diseases.

There are 7,000 rare diseases. Rare diseases became known as orphan diseases because drug companies were not interested in adopting them to develop treatments. Less than 5% of all orphan diseases have a treatment. There are no cures. People living with orphan diseases experience long diagnosis times, few medical experts, no treatments, financial hardship, and emotional stress.

The Beyond the Diagnosis art exhibit’s focus is the orphan disease patient. Artists have donated their time and talents to paint orphan disease patients for this groundbreaking exhibit. Each portrait represents a single orphan disease. Our goal is to put a face to all 7,000 orphan diseases. This beautiful exhibit is traveling to medical schools, research institutes and hospitals around the globe encouraging the medical community to look “beyond the diagnosis” to the patient.

Art has been used for thousands of years to successfully convey a message, whether it be a story or a glimpse into the human spirit. At Beyond the Diagnosis, we believe art not only leaves a powerful and lasting visual imprint but creates a unique connection for the viewer.