Tomorrow, June 6th, will be a very exciting day for U.R. Our Hope! Our friend, Hari Khalsa, “The Healthcare Whisperer” has again invited some of our families to her radio show to discuss how the journey changes after a diagnosis has been found.

Prior to the radio show, Dr. Parker, Hari and one of the families being interviewed will visit KXAN Studios here in Austin during the Noon newscast to talk about the radio show and the mission of U.R. Our Hope.  We hope you will tune in for this preview to tomorrow evening’s radio show. A link to the interview will be posted once the station has it available.

//Update: The TV appearance will be postponed. There was no newscast due to French Open Coverage, we were able to go in and tape our segment and it will air on June 17th.

To listen to Hari’s radio show live at 5 pm please use this link: Finally a Diagnosis: Reflections on the Journey and Future 


A Summary from Hari on tomorrow’s show:

“In past shows, I have had guests who related their heartbreak and struggle to find a diagnosis for a child or loved one.  The journey is perilous, arduous and all consuming.  For some, it can take years while others watch their loved one decline with no treatment or cure in sight.

This show will feature families who searched and fought the healthcare system and were able to get answers.  Then comes the work of treatment and long term care.

I am looking forward to the insight of these families and how they were able to successfully navigate the healthcare system.  Their stories will inspire all of us.”


Other events this month:
6/20/13 – Spirit Night at Chick-Fil-A in Austin
6/22/13 – Our Monthly Meeting at Windsor Fire Station at 9:30 am with Brunch to follow at Russell’s Bistro